Drawing and Painting Course for Youth

The course of drawing and painting for youth is intended for children aged 12-18 years. The program is designed with respect to age and experience, during the lessons we develop creativity and self-expression, we learn basic painting techniques and tricks. The course consists of the basics of perspective, shading, working with colors and we will also try combinations of techniques. We will focus on pencil or charcoal drawing on paper as well as acrylic painting on canvas.

How does it work?

  • Where: Přibyslavská 7, Praha 3 - Žižkov
  • Price for the course: 3 000 CZK (12 lessons / 120 min)
  • Price for individual lesson: 350 CZK
  • Family discount 10% when buying more courses at once

Why with us?

  • Professional guidance by an experienced teacher with an emphasis on individual approach
  • We help to shape your own artistic style
  • We teach to see abstractly and gain insight and confidence


Monday:     16:00 – 18:00     Drawing and Painting

Thursday :     16:30 – 18:30    Drawing and Painting

Friday:     16:00 – 18:00     Drawing and Painting


Monday:     16:00 – 18:00     Drawing and Painting

Thursday :     16:30 – 18:30    Drawing and Painting

Friday:     16:00 – 18:00     Drawing and Painting

Let's start painting together!

We accept applications for winter courses from January 14th 2020 and spring courses from April 7th 2020.

Practical Information

What do we learn in the course?

  • Charcoal still life drawing
  • Pencil still life drawing
  • Measuring of proportions
  • Basics of perspective
  • Shading
  • Composition
  • Mixing colors
  • Míchání barev
  • Painting alla prima on paper
  • Still life painting
  • Self portrait / Classmate portrait
  • Development of your own style and free creation

Recommended Art Supplies

  • plastic eraser, sharpener
  • fixativ
  • yellow adhesive tape
  • Acrylic paints
  • round and flat brushes
  • palette, fabric for wiping brushes, water container
  • canvas on board

Art supplies are not included in the price.

For the first lesson you will need a pencil or natural charcoal and plastic rubber. Other aids can be purchased during the course based on the teacher’s recommendation.

We will also be happy to buy and deliver the tools directly to the lesson.

Something extra?

Is your dream job to be an architect, designer, graphic artist or academic painter? Leave nothing to a chance and start preparing yourself for the talent exams well in advance. Careful preparation for talent exans for the high schools and universities usually takes 1 – 4 semesters and includes also the creation of a portfolio according to your chosen school. We are preparing for secondary art schools and AVU, FAVU, UMPRUM.