Naučte se malovat

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+ 420 777 255 101


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Account number: 2101631759/2010
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Atelier Žižkov

Přibyslavská 7, 130 00 Praha – Žižkov

Naučte se malovat - Ateliér Přibyslavská Praha 3 Žižkov

Why to start painting with us?

We emphasize individual education and therefore our semestral courses, as well as individual lessons, are being held in small groups in the art studios of the academic painters.

Atelier Žižkov is located near the Viktoria Žižkov tram stop, just 5 minutes from the Main Train Station. Its location on the side street escapes the hustle and bustle of Seifertova street, but at the same time provides excellent transport accessibility both by public transport and by car. You can easily reach there by tram no. 5, 9, 15 and 26 or by bus no. 101, or run up the hill from the bus stop U Památníku (buses 133, 175 and 207). The great location between Riegrovy sady and Vítkov hill gives us a wealth of views and themes of drawing in the summer. Do not hesitate to join us!

Something Extra?​

Do you prefer lessons outside the center of Prague? Visit our related studios in Buštěhrad! Here, too, you will be taken by academic painters who will prepare a program for you according to your preferences.

Ateliér Sýpka

Kladenská 332, 273 43 Buštěhrad

Naučte se malovat - Atelier Sýpka

Who teaches at our studios?

Lectors of the atelier “Naučte se malovat” are academic painters and art educators with an empathetic and active approach to teaching and students and will listen to you and be interested in your goals and wishes in drawing and painting. They always prepare their lessons and courses with an emphasis on individual approach and are open to your suggestions.

Do you have a question or a note? Contact us.