Are you interested in courses of drawing and painting but you prefer individual lessons rather than being in a big group? Or do you already paint but you would like to consult your work with a professional? Are you planning to apply for the art school and you need to advise with the preparation of your portfolio? You are on the right place! We offer individual lessons of drawing, painting and preparation for the talent exams at your home or in ateliers of academic painters.

From 1st October 2019 we start the semestral courses of drawing and painting for adults and youth. Do not hesitate to enroll now via email or on phone number +420 777 255 101.

Naučte se malovat - Semestrální výtvarné kurzy

Semestral Courses

Would you like to attend drawing or painting classes on long term basis? Sign up for our semestral courses led by academic painters. The lessons are being taught in small groups so that the lectors can pay individal attention to each student.

Naučte se malovat - Workshopy - Jednodenní výtvarné kurzy


Have you just started drawing and you are not sure what kind of technique would you enjoy the most? Try our one day courses and find out what is the best for you. You can find courses for relaxation as well as educational courses focused on specific topics.

Individuální lekce - Naučte se malovat

Individual Lesson

Learn to paint while staying comfortably at your home. Let our experienced lectors to lead you and come with us through the artistic world. Individual lessons are suitable for all the age cathergories. Lessons take place either at your home or in the art studios of our academic painters and so you have the possibility to peek under the lid of the creation of the valued paintings.

Naučte se malovat - Zkušební lekce

Trial Lesson

Are you not sure if drawing is the right thing for you? Come to try it with us with no obligation. The choice of the appropriate lector, kind of technique as well as topic is an important part of the decision making and we will be glad to be by your side to discover all the corners of the world of colors.