How to Draw with Pastel

The course How to Draw with Pastel is designed for everyone who likes to draw but also for those who want to enjoy an endless variety of colors and shades.

Pastel drawing is a very impressive technique that even beginners can master. We will learn the basics of measurement, talk about perspective and shading, and show you how to fix the final image to keep colors beautiful for a long time. We draw with a dry pastel that is easy to blur and blend, creating beautiful color transitions. Whether you like abstract or realistic paintings, pastel is exactly the right thing; you can create a realistic image as well as you would with oil paints.

We draw on paper according to the still life. The finished drawing can then be mounted or framed and displayed on the wall.

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We will draw according to an attractive still life.

Something extra?

Colors do not say anything to you and you prefer black and white? Let’s draw with charcoal!
In charcoal drawing, the same rules apply as in dry pastel drawing and the resulting images are no less impressive!