Drawing in the Streets of Prague

The drawing course in the streets of Prague is the right thing for all adventurers with a child’s soul. Do you love walking in the streets of old Prague? Come and discover their magic from another perspective with us! Just take a sketchbook and charcoal and leave the rest to us. We will talk about perspective, shading, measurement and how to choose the right subject. We will show you tips and tricks on how to correctly draw buildings, a street or the panorama of Prague.

We will capture famous Prague places and buildings and enjoy a pleasant time in the company of a professional painter. With the beginners we will go through the basics of drawing, with the advanced we will dive into the world of colors. The lessons are structured so that you spend a pleasant time full of fun and learning.

How does it work?

What famous Prague places can I draw?

What do I need to bring with me?

Anything you like to draw and paint with.

– pencil, charcoal, pastel, eraser, sketchbook or markers
– advanced people can take paints and canvas, it depends only on you

*You may need a pillow or blanket for sitting, drinking, snacking, and a head covering in case of sunny weather.

Let's start painting together!