Which lectors can you meet at our atelier? The lectors of the atelier Naučte se malovat are academic painters or art educators who have an empathetic and active approach to teaching students. They will always listen to you, be interested in your goals and wishes in the drawing and painting field and will be your guides and companions through the world of colors. They always prepare their lessons and courses with an emphasis on individual approach and are open to your suggestions and wishes.

Are you wondering which of the lectors would be most suitable for you? Email us at info@nauctesemalovat.cz or call +420 777 255 101, we will be happy to advise you.

Naučte se malovat - Aldin Popaja

MgA. Aldin Popaja

Aldin is originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He started to study painting at the Academy in Sarajevo and finished his studies at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague in the atelier of painting of Professor Pavel Nešleha. There he worked as a teacher. He has also taught at art colleges in Spain, France, Scotland and Slovenia. In his own work he currently focuses mainly on the theme of symbols from the Bosnian necropolises. At our studio he teaches mainly drawing and painting for adults and seniors.

Samples of work by Aldin Popaja​

Naučte se malovat Marek Kolář

MgA. Marek Kolář

In 2014, he successfully completed the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague. Marek is a multimedia artist and enthusiast for a wide variety of art techniques and approaches. However, he perceives everything with attention to detail as well as to the image as a whole. For him painting is a complete combination of all art approaches in one. His work bears noticeable influences of hyperrealism. This painting approach permeates his painting, especially in recent works where he merges mirror reflection of the environment with the figure. In the studio he teaches painting and drawing for adults.

Samples of work by Marek Kolář​

Naučte se malovat - Filip Švehla

MgA. Filip Švehla

Filip graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in the atelier of painting under the guidance of doc. Michael Rittstein and prof. Jiří Sopek and he also gained his painting experience during his studies in the Netherlands. In his own work he currently focuses mostly on abstract painting, in which the work with color and the whole creative process is important to him. At our atelier he teaches drawing and painting for children and adults and seniors.

Samples of work by Filip Švehla​

Naučte se malovat David Čumalo

David Čumalo

David Čumalo is a student of the 4th year of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague and has completed internships in Solomon's studio and Antwerp in Belgium. He is interested in painting relations, compositional solutions and simplifying forms on the border of subjectivity and abstraction. David teaches drawing and painting courses, figural drawing and portrait drawing.

Samples of work by David Čumalo​

Naučte se malovat Tomáš Kurečka

MgA. Tomáš Kurečka

Tomáš is studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in an intermedial atelier for the last year. Since his childhood, he liked to create and was always interested in an environment in which people with similar desires meet. He works mostly with more media, which meet during the resulting installations. He participates in the production of the Gallery in Karlín and also helps as an assistant to the Czech painter Milan Kunec. He sees an important sense in activities that develop imagination, because he believes that it gives us the greatest sense of freedom. Tomas leads drawing and painting courses for children as well as for adults and seniors.

Samples of work by Tomáš Kurečka​

Nauctesemalovat - Marta Epoksydowa

MgA. Marta Epoksydowa

Marta is a painter and restorer of monuments by education. She obtained her art master's degree in the Institute of Fine Arts in Kielce (Poland. She participated in group exhibitions in Poland, Slovakia and France. She completed an internship in a ceramics workshop in Malta. In Czech Republic Marta has almost two years of teaching experience, conducts drawing and painting workshops in English and Polish language. She believes that it is possible to successfully combine craft with art and proves it in her furniture renovation workshop in Prague.

Samples of work by Marty Epoksydowe

Naučte se malovat Matěj Lipavský

Matěj Lipavský

Matěj Lipavský graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the studio of J. Sopko and Igor Korpaczewski, and in the studio of J. Zeithamml. He focuses mainly on outdoor painting and illustration. He is the author of the art part of the comic novel "The Error" and he has published the poetic debut Nika. Matěj teaches drawing and painting for adults and seniors and other outdoor courses.

Samples of work by Matěj Lipavský​

Martin Mulač - Grafický kurz

MgA. Martin Mulač

Martin is a painter and graphic artist. He is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, in the studio of Graphics under the leadership of prof. Jiří Lindovský. Martin deliberately elaborates on themes beyond normal tastes, which deal with punk playfulness and irony and at the same time with great respect for artistic, literary or musical legends. He teaches drawing, painting and printmaking mainly in the Atelier Sýpka, which he founded together with Bára Bieylonovič.

Samples of work by Martin Mulač​

Naučte se malovat - Barbora Bieylonovič

Barbora Bieylonovič

Bára is a very empathetic creative soul. She focuses on painting, graphics and illustration. She graduated in the field of promotional designer and completed courses led by MgA. Martin Mulač. Bára leads art courses for children and youth and focuses on teaching individual lessons. She is also a lector of drawing, painting and printmaking at Atelier Sýpka. Bára and Martin say about themselves: "We live fully in art and we like to share this joy with others."

Samples of work by Barbora Bieylonovič​

Naučte se malovat - O nás - Tereza Mašinová

Tereza Mašínová

For more than five years, Tereza attended art courses led by the academic painter Aldin Popaja; her other teachers include Kristýna Šormová and Martin Mulač. She is currently teaching drawing and painting for children and other thematic workshops for adults. She enjoys sketching the most and we believe that she will pass on her enthusiasm for drawing during the classes to you.

Samples of work by Tereza Mašínová​