About Us

Art atelier Naučte se malovat is here for everyone who has ever been attracted by the magical world of colours but who had never found the courage or time to enter it and fully devote himself to it. Our mission is to bring a joy of drawing and painting to children as well as adults. We trust that the creative activity does not have any age limits and that anyone at any age can really paint, draw, create and play. We prepare the art lessons always according to your wishes and goals and we enjoy the achieved results together with you. Learn to paint with us.

It is never too late to start

We believe that even change of a lector can open up a whole new door to knowledge, and that it is never too late to start!

We create in small groups

We focus on teaching in small groups to ensure that you feel welcome and receive enough attention in our courses.

At the studio, at home or at your company

We constantly try to bring new impulses and develop you in your work. It does not matter if you create at our studio in Žižkov or at your home or company.

Children, adults and seniors

Our courses are suitable for children, adults and seniors. We adapt to the pace, experience and your wishes.

Beginners and experienced ones

Both beginners and experienced painters will find their place here. Education in the field of fine arts is an endless process of learning and discovery.

For knowledge and fun

We design lesson program to satisfy those who crave for knowledge, while not discouraging those who chose drawing as a form of relaxation.

Why choose our studio?

We rely on individual teaching, which is why we teach our semester courses and one-day workshops in small groups (maximum of 7 students).

The studio is located near the Viktoria Žižkov tram stop, just 5 minutes from the Main Railway Station. Its location on a side street escapes the hustle and bustle of Seifertova Street, but at the same time, it provides excellent transport accessibility both by public transport and by car. You can get here comfortably by trams 5, 9, 15, and 26 by bus 101, or by walking up the hill from the U Památníku bus stop (buses 133, 175, and 207). The great location between Riegrový sady and Vítkov gives us an abundance of views and subjects for drawing in the summer. So don’t hesitate to join!

We will be happy to issue you a confirmation or certificate after completing the semester course.

Who stands behind?

Monika Sekavová

She lives and works in Prague. She graduated from the Secondary Pedagogical School and has been teaching preschool and younger school-aged children ever since. She also drew on her experience from a two-year stay in the USA, where she combined not only education and travel, but also photography of places that interested her. In 2014, she returned to the Czech Republic and began to devote herself to drawing and painting, mainly under the guidance of the academic painter Aldin Popaji. From the same year, they started working in an art studio, where she gained experience in its management and organization of drawing and painting courses for the public. She was so enthusiastic about this field that in 2019, together with Lenka Balíková, she founded the art studio Learn to Paint. In 2021, together with Aldin Popaja, she wrote and published a drawing and painting textbook entitled "I see it, but I can't paint it". When he is not working in his studio, he is painting or exploring the corners of some distant country.


Hello, I have already expressed great satisfaction at the plein-air and I can do so again. Accommodation was perfect and the second time we'll find a way without detour. Lectors are excellent. I already knew Filip, and Aldin surprised me very much. In the studio he seemed aloof to me, it was however a misconception. Actually there is nothing to reproach and the weather you ordered excellent and the overall peaceful atmosphere was a balm for nerves and, not to forget, food was an A+. Since I still have problems with composition, I need to stay with you for another year. So I reserve my place for next year. I will definitely follow you and hope to see you at another course soon. Greetings
Jitka Z.
There was a pleasant atmosphere in Mr. Aldin's charming studio. Mr. Aldin is a very demanding lector, his precise, perfect work on his paintings and in the classroom caught my attention and I would like to improve and deepen my knowledge in drawing and painting. It tempts me to try working with a spatula. The course in Grébovka led by Tereza was in a beautiful setting with amazing views and weather. Tereza is very nice and great lector. Have a good day, hello everyone and I look forward to meeting you.
Arna V.
Hello, Martin passed the talent exams and even with significant success. It makes me happy. Thank you very much for being able to learn from the academic painter. I think it helped Martin a lot. I think he could go on. Have a nice summer.
Hala M.
I enjoyed the stay very much how to stay, cuisine and teachers. The environment was very friendly, I had no reservations.
Blanka B.
Hello, Ms. Sekavová, I really liked the sketching lesson. The atmosphere of the cafe is pleasant, I think it is perfectly suitable for this purpose. Terezka was great, she explains and shows everything clearly and can excite others. In her presentation everything looks simple. And I enjoyed it the most, the simplicity, the straightforwardness that I could just try to paint anything. Overall, I can only praise the course and I will certainly be glad to come again. I'd like to try acrylic paints sometimes. Now I would like to apply for a drawing course in the Botanical Garden with my son. Have a nice time.
Jarmila A.
The course was characterized by absolute well-being, good mood and cuisine. I enjoyed it so much with you. Incredible comfort underlined by beautiful surroundings and weather. Perfect lectors and brush guidance. As I said in the final evaluation, my expectations were met to the maximum, I relaxed perfectly. I remembered the long-forgotten and learned a lot of new things. Thank you.
Jana P.
The painting lesson was very nice. Nice lector who gave me the courage, among other things, not to be afraid of painting. I will never know how to paint, but Terezka taught me the basic things and also that a person should paint mainly for himself and not to criticize when he enjoys it ... I recommend and will come again (even with her granddaughter) !!
Alena Z.
Sketching at the cafe was very nice, nice atmosphere and environment. The lector was very patient with us and willingly explained what we were groping about. The meeting gave me a new taste for painting.
Ivana M.

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