Would you like to strengthen and motivate your employees to perform even better? Or would you like to encourage their creativity, teach them something new, or perhaps reward them for their good results? The education of employees and their creative development play an important role for the development, perspective and prosperity of every company. Come and develop creativity with us and thus charge your team with new energy. Choose a topic or technique that is close to you, or write us your ideas and we will create a turnkey team building for you.

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Acrylic painting on canvas

Relax and paint original pictures. You can choose from several different variants. One can paint a large picture on one common canvas, or everyone can paint their own picture. We can paint according to the template or according to our imagination. You can also paint on several canvases, which we will then combine into one large picture. This creates an original picture for a common room or office. And if you have the courage, we can paint on the canvas as a game, let yourself be surprised and be carried away by the colorful strokes.

Recommended duration of the workshop: 2-4 hours

Naučte se malovat - Jak míchat barvy

How to mix colors

You may remember from school that the combination of yellow and red makes orange, but what about complementary colors? How to choose colors to match each other and how does our brain work in relation to colors? Come and discover the colorful world with us.

Recommended duration of the workshop: 2 to 5 hours (depending on the selected program)

Naučte se malovat - Vzdělávání zaměstnanců - Skicování


Are quick sketches part of your work to help you capture ideas, scenes or layouts? Deepen your skills and learn to capture everything important in a few moves with us.

Recommended duration of the workshop: 2 hours

Kresba uhlem

Basics of drawing

Line drawing, shading and light basics of perspective, all this and more awaits you in the drawing basics course. This knowledge will be useful not only for architects, designers or graphic artists.

Recommended workshop duration: 2 hours

Painting with coffee or ink

Do you like watercolor painting? Then painting with coffee will really excite you! We paint on stiffer watercolor papers so you can easily frame your paintings at home.

Recommended workshop duration: 2 hours

Naučte se malovat - Malování na hedvábí

Painting on silk or mugs

Do you prefer art that can actually be used? Come and create an original scarf or mug with us! We will also tell you how to take care of them afterwards, so that they last beautiful for you.

Recommended workshop duration: 1.5-2 hours

Naučte se malovat - Vzdělávání zaměstnanců - Základy perspektivy

Basics of perspective

Perspective is a part of our daily lives without even realizing it. Master the basics and take your drawing designs to a new level. We will focus on the horizon, vanishing points, lines in space and perspective shortcuts.

Recommended workshop duration: 2 hours

Get inspired by the workshops

Naučte se malovat - Kresba uhlem

Charcoal Drawing

Drawing for complete beginners! We take a look at measuring, lights and shadows as well as how to draw glass or fabric.

How to draw Manga

Do you want to create your own manga? Come to our manga drawing workshop.

How to Draw a Portrait

How far apart are the eyes, where to place the ears, how to draw hair? You won't doubt with us anymore.

Naučte se malovat - Jak kreslit pastelem

How to Draw with Pastel

Color spree for all who are yet afraid of brushes. Even dry paints create great works.

Naučte se malovat - Jak namalovat krajinu

How to Paint a Landscape

Green, green, blue, brown ... Painting a landscape is not a science, let us show you tricks how to do it.

Naučte se malovat - Víkendové malování

Weekend Painting Course

The most popular weekend beer in the Giant Mountains! Come run away with us among the colors and find out which technique captures your heart. Whether you go with us to the Krkonoše hills, stay in a studio in Prague, or take us to your favorite place, we know that you will have a great time painting the weekend.

Malování v krkonošské přírodě - Naučte se malovat

Painting in Krkonoše

Come with us to the beautiful Krkonoše nature and let our empathetic lecturer guide you. Four days of active rest in nature will recharge you with new energy. During the day we draw and paint, and in the evenings we spend talking over the grill and wine. Calm painting for beginners and advanced painters.

Kreslení v Letenských sadech - Naučte se malovat

Drawing in the park

Come out with us and enjoy drawing in the park. Just take a sketchbook, a pencil, charcoal, or maybe markers and start. We will talk about how to draw, for example, trees, flowers, bushes, nature around us. Drawing outside will energize you, you will relax and learn how to do perspective and shading. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already know how to draw, join us!

Výtvarný výlet Chlum

Art Trip

The Czech Republic offers many opportunities to discover beautiful corners not only in nature, but also in the historical centers of towns and villages. Go on a painting adventure with us. Chlum u Srbska offers breathtaking views of both the Na Chlumu quarry and the Berounka river. The trip is suitable for everyone who likes monumental landscapes and relaxation in nature.

Kreslení v pražských uličkách - Naučte se malovat

Drawing in the streets of Prague

Do you love walking in the streets of old Prague? Come and discover their magic from another perspective with us! Just take a sketchbook and charcoal and leave the rest to us. We will talk about perspective, shading, measurement and how to choose the right subject. We will show you tips and tricks on how to correctly draw buildings, a street or the panorama of Prague.