How to Mix Colors

The course How to Mix Colors is very practical and interesting for anyone who asked at least once, “How do I mix this color?”, “Why does the color look different than in reality?”, or ever said “I just can’t mix such a color. “

In our course you will try to mix different shades of colors. Our lector will explain all the mysteries of mixing and you’ll learn unbelievable things about the color. You will find out how colors interact with each other, how are colors affected by its surroundings and you will learn how to mix any color from only seven basic colors. Do you thing that isn’t possible? See for yourself.

How does it work?

Why with us?

Let's start painting together!


Practical Information

What do we learn in the course?

Further Information

A lot of information about color awaits us in a very fun way. Theoretical lecture, in which we learn all the important information and then practical color mixing. Even advanced students will certainly not be bored at the course.

Something extra?

Do you already master colors like a pro and would you like to move even further? Let’s paint a picture on canvas!
A semestral course of drawing and painting will guide you through all the steps to create the dream painting.