How to Draw a Portrait

The course How to Draw a Portrait is here for all who would like to learn how to draw in order to make a person look real. We will talk about the basic principles of how to measure the proportions of the head, how far to draw the eyes, where to place the ears, how the light and shadow alternate in the face, and how to choose a correct the composition of the drawing.

There will be a model present in the course, but we can also draw a self-portrait in the mirror, or bring our own “model” – a friend, partner or even a mother. Drawing someone close to you will be more fun and the resulting image will make you more happy.

How does it work?

Why with us?

  • Experienced lector with many years of experience
  • Cozy studio with good access
  • All supplies included in the price
  • You will learn how to draw a portrait


Practical Information

What do we learn in the course?

  • How to measure basic head proportions
  • How to draw the details of the face
  • How to draw face
  • Principle of shading head and face
  • Correct composition of the drawing

Further Information

You can choose to draw according to our model, the model you brought or a self-portrait in the mirror.

  • All suppllies included in the price

Something Extra?

Have you mastered the basics of drawing a portrait and would you like to move on?
A semestral course of portrait and figure will take you to the next level. We draw according to live models.