How to Paint a Landscape

The course How to Paint a landscape will clarify all the questions you’ve ever had about painting fields, meadows, or landscape views. The full-day course is divided into two blocks. In the first, theoretical part, we will have a lecture on the landscape with an example of famous landscape paintings. In the second, practical part, we will dive into painting itself. We will talk about what atmospheric perspective is and how it changes the colors in the landscape, we will find out what the first and second planes are and how they affect the composition of the picture, and we will explain how to work with oil paints. We paint according to the model or our own photos. The course is intended for both complete beginners and advanced students.

How does it work?

What do we learn in the course?

Why with us?

Further information

We will paint according to the photo.
You can bring your own picture, for example, a printed photo of a landscape, ideally in A4 format.
For those who will not have their own photo, there will be a selection of several different landscapes.


Let's start painting together!

Something extra?

Malování v krkonošské přírodě - Naučte se malovat

Painting in Krkonoše

Come with us to the beautiful Krkonoše nature and let our empathetic lecturer guide you. Four days of active rest in nature will recharge you with new energy. During the day we draw and paint, and in the evenings we spend talking over the grill and wine. Calm painting for beginners and advanced painters.

Naučte se malovat - Malování v přírodě

Painting in Nature

The sun, peace, the smell of colors, the wind rustling the leaves... Come and discover the beauty of painting in the open air with us. Are you attracted by Prague's streets and parks, or will you go with us to the Giant Mountains or on an art trip? Take your colors outside. One-day and multi-day painting of not only landscapes.

Výtvarný výlet Chlum

Art Trip

The Czech Republic offers many opportunities to discover beautiful corners not only in nature, but also in the historical centers of towns and villages. Go on a painting adventure with us. Chlum u Srbska offers breathtaking views of both the Na Chlumu quarry and the Berounka river. The trip is suitable for everyone who likes monumental landscapes and relaxation in nature.

Kreslení v Letenských sadech - Naučte se malovat

Drawing in the park

Come out with us and enjoy drawing in the park. Just take a sketchbook, a pencil, charcoal, or maybe markers and start. We will talk about how to draw, for example, trees, flowers, bushes, nature around us. Drawing outside will energize you, you will relax and learn how to do perspective and shading. Whether you are a complete beginner or you already know how to draw, join us!

Naučte se malovat - Víkendové malování

Weekend Painting Course

The most popular weekend beer in the Giant Mountains! Come run away with us among the colors and find out which technique captures your heart. Whether you go with us to the Krkonoše hills, stay in a studio in Prague, or take us to your favorite place, we know that you will have a great time painting the weekend.